Helicopter training

CPL (H) Modular (from PPL)

In the Commercial flight training your skills will be honed to a professional level. The requirement on you as a pilot is much higher compared to a PPL (H). You will be required to land at very small landing sites in various areas in Sweden. We will put a higher pressure on you as a pilot during the entire training ensuring that you will be ready to work in the industry.

Duration: 2-3 months

Our theoretical course is integrated with the practical flight training. We include exam and study techniques and question practice sessions.

Flight training:
Robinson 44 / The course covers 30 hours of CPL flight training and 5 hours of night training.


License: PPL 150 hours total flight time, out of which 50 hours PIC 18 years of age EASA Medical Certificate Class 1 Theory Level: CPL or ATPL Fluent in either English or Swedish

Flight Instructor

After your CPL(H) or PPL(H) it´s time to start your career. Why not begin with teaching others how to fly, it´s a great way to build hours and to improve your flying skills.

Theoretical training:
2 weeks of ground-school. Various classroom lectures, briefing and de-briefings.

Flight Training:
Robinson 44 / 30 flight hours in the left seat. The training is built on the PPL syllabus where all maneuvers will be performed, from an instructors perspective. Emergency training is in great focus during this course, you will be trained in full-down autorotation with our experienced instructors. 

Pre requirements if applicant holds CPL (H) and PPL (H)
For a CPL pilot: at least 220 flight hours, out of which 100 hours has to be as PIC. For PPL pilot the same apply, however you need to have 200 hours as PIC and have met the requirements for the CPL theoretical training.

2-3 month. 


Learn how to operate an aircraft in a multi pilot environment. The Instructors are seasoned pilots in commercial multi crew environments. We are using the AS355 multi engine simulator for the course.

25 hours Ground School. 

Flight training:
20 hours FNPTII simulator time.


If you already have a license and wish to fly, or maybe build hours towards a future license we rent our helicopter out for rental. We have different package deals depending on hour many hours you want to fly, use the contact form or give us a call if you have any questions.


The purpose for this course is of course to train the pilot as PIC in order to safely and accurately fly the aircraft in accordance with the aircraft operating manual and regulations.

Once you have your Private Pilot License you might want to fly a turbine helicopter or other type of piston helicopters.

To start flying other helicopter types you need to take a type rating course for the helicopter type you wish to fly. Minimum required flight hours for the R44 is 5 hrs. The technical course for every helicopter type is included in the course.

Duration: 1-2 weeks

Type rating when training CPL (H) Modular from PPL
If you do not hold a type rating on your license we can combine the CPL training with a type rating. The technical course for the aircraft will be included in the training.