Safety for our passengers, aircraft and crew is paramount at Northern Air. We have a well functioning safety and training program which covers all from flight operation to ground handling. Each phase is carefully thought about and we will continuously strive to zero accidents and incidents.

Your safety is our culture
– it´s in everything we do



Our pilots train continuously throughout the year. Every sixth month each pilot is up for a flight test to verify proficiency in the aircraft and emergency procedures.
Captains are well selected and usually recruited from our First Officers that has been with the company for a while. Our operation demand a special type of personality to be able to deal with difficulties that may appear in the daily operation, we ensure that our pilots meet those standards.



Our choice of aircraft is not only financial. Our ability to perform certain missions requires aircraft that are built for though environment. Our aircraft are well known to be robust and has a great history of safety as well as reliability. The manufacturer and global support for spare parts is also a great factor to ensure a seamless flight operation. Read more information under ”Fleet”


Full maintenance

Our aircraft fleet is maintained of our own both EASA and FAA certified maintenance staff. If maintenance is subcontracted to other repair shop, our maintenance management will always supervise the work done on our aircraft. We are carefully selecting suppliers for spare parts. All suppliers will be audited by our EASA Part M auditor before accepted as a supplier to Northern Air.


Operational standards

Our standards meet the required standard set by the EASA, the European Aviation regulatory agency. We are using the best provider for flight planning and navigational data. Together with our Flight Operation team on duty 24 hrs / 7 days we are ensuring a operational reliability as well as the highest achievable safety standard of our operation.