Helicopter training


It all started as a very small flight school with one single Schweizer 300 offering only PPL in 2008. The number of students grew and we then offered modular CPL and various type ratings. Our competitive integrated CPL course has since attracted students from all parts of the world.

We are constantly developing our own training material in order to deliver as efficient training as possible. When we realized that the helicopter training has been in the backwater for a very long time we decided to develop and offer a better quality training as well as customer satisfaction. In our minds Quality will always come before Quantity. We at Northern Air Training strive to always be in the frontline of the future aviation training for helicopters. 

Welcome to Northern Air Training and our team!

Magnus Knape
Head of Training



Marcus Kristensson

[ Flight instructor /  FSTD Manager ]

About me:
I like anything that flies. I do extreme sports and I am the go-to guy when it comes to tech problems. Interested in the technology of modern helicopters as much as the flying itself.

My pilot educations:
CPL (H) /FI (H) / MCC / ME IR (H)

My specialities:
Computers, security and programming. Has a Master of Science – Chalmers University of Technology

Rickard Jansson

[ Flight instructor / Safety manager ]

About me:
A farmer born in 1989, when I was 15 years old I took my glider certificate, after that I was hooked, to become a pilot was my new goal. I started with helicopters in 2013, and have since then mostly worked as an instructor.

My pilot educations:
CPL(H) / FI (H)

My specialities:
Actually understands the rules of an American Football Game!

Magnus Knape

[ Head of Training ]

About me:
Starting to fly was a dream of mine since early childhood and it was something I could make into a reality in early 2000 when I travelled to Australia to start my career towards a commercial helicopter pilot license. In 2011 I took the big leap to become a commercial pilot as well as a Flight instructor in the United States. 2012

My pilot educations:
CPL (H) / CPL (A) / FI (H) / FII (H) / ME IR H

My specialities:
Can navigate the archipelago at night under full sails


Robinson R44

We are using one of the most common helicopters in the world. It´s a four seated safe and stable helicopter with a capacity much bigger than just training. Robinson R44 is used for both police and military operation in a lot of countries and of course for civilian missions all over the world. Read more about it here


AS355 full body cockpit

In all Flight training towards a license, and of course the MCC we use our FNPTII AS355 simulator. You learn how to operate an aircraft in a multi pilot environment and the basics in Instrument Flying. We are using the advanced AS355 multi engine simulator will a full body cockpit and the latest software at our hand. At our training facility in Göteborg.